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Stentor Student Violin 1500A

KSh 50,000.00

The Stentor 1500A Student Violin - your gateway introduction to the world of fine violin music, is now available in Nairobi, Kenya.

This instrument was built with precision and passion, not just a drum; It is a companion for students, intermediates and professionals who seek excellence in their musical journey. 

At the heart of the Stentor 1500A lies a commitment to quality. Upholstered in spruce, maple on the back, and solid tonewood, including the ribs and neck, it is warm and clear. 

Unlike other economy models, every joint has been carefully crafted to a high standard, from the ebony fingerboard to the high-end ebony pegs to the built-in maple bridge with rugged adjusters and integrated tailpiece has been done 

The attention to detail extends to every part of the machine. The glossy varnish finish not only enhances its appearance but also protects the wood, ensuring its durability and durability. 

Paired with textured strings and stylish wooden bows, the Stentor 1500A delivers sound and sound that exceed expectations, rivaling more expensive equipment practicality meets performance with the Stentor 1500A. 

Designed with the musician in mind, it comes complete with a small pocket with reflective safety features, perfect for storage and transport. 

Accessories, such as carry bags, springs and resin, enhance the overall experience, ensuring that you are ready to dive into the wonderful world of violin music. 

For those looking for a quality violin in Nairobi, look no further than the Stentor 1500A. 

Whether you are a student embarking on your own musical journey or a professional looking to improve your music, this instrument is the perfect companion. of exceptional craftsmanship, .

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  • Weight:Approx kg
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Body Material: Solid Tonewood
Body Finish: Natural Stained Varnish
Bridge: Carved Maple
Pegs and Fingerboard Material: -Blackened Hardwood
Tailpiece: Includes Gold Coloured -Screw Adjusters

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