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Stentor Student violin 1400A

KSh 45,000.00

Start your musical journey with the Stentor Student Violin 1400A, a quality and artistic lighting, now available in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Crafted with care and precision from solid maple and spruce, this full-size violin provides a timeless and traditional construction, ensuring you get off to a great start in your violin experience 

The Stentor Student 1400A violin is designed to withstand the rigors and professionalism of student life, and boasts durability and reliability. 

This instrument is equipped with a high-quality bridge and tailpiece composite with integral adjusters, assuring consistent assembly and playback. 

Dark Pau Rossa's high-end pegs not only provide appeal but also meet environmental standards, reflecting Stenter's commitment to sustainability 

Transportation and storage is effortless with the addition of lightweight pockets, with safety features that allow visibility in cold conditions. 

With a backpack strap and plenty of storage space, including a clear pocket for self-identification, the aspiring drummer enjoys convenience and peace of mind The Stentor Student 1400A violin outfit features a wooden bow that includes an ebony eagle, a triangular shape for better grip, and natural horsehair for optimal sound 

Thanks to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail , this bow is suitable for players of any skill level . 

The Stentor Student 1400A violin suit is ideal for beginners and intermediates. 

With solid wood and refined construction, this violin delivers a warm, resonant tone that will inspire you on your musical journey. 

Whether you’re just starting out or perfecting your skills, the Stentor Student 1400A violin offers the perfect blend of quality, power and performance. 

Unlock your musical potential with the Stentor Student Violin 1400A - an example of quality and craftsmanship in Nairobi’s violin scene. 

Enjoy the joy of playing an instrument that not only sounds great but stands the test of time, helping you reach new heights in your musical endeavors.

  • Categories: Strings
  • Weight:Approx kg
  • Box:


  • Carved spruce top and carved maple back and sides
  • Ebonised straight grained fingerboard for smooth playability
  • High-quality dark pau rosa pegs for both aesthetics and sustainability
  • Composite tailpiece with integral adjusters for precise tuning
  • Mild brown varnish finish for a classic look
  • Includes a lightweight case with safety

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